Arts@Trinity (Foundation)


A special fund has been set up to support the charitable aims of Arts@Trinity. We run a wide variety of arts events here making quite an eclectic mix. Some are more ‘commercial’ than others and allow us to fund ‘softer’ events which allow, charities, community groups, schools and groups struggling to find funding of their own, to take part in the Arts@Trinity cultural calendar. We are constantly looking for further funding to allow us to pursue this agenda and make Holy Trinity Church a universal and open space for the people of Leeds and Yorkshire and create opportunities for all.

Arts@Trinity Charitable Objectives

  1. The promotion of the arts for the public benefit in Leeds and surrounding area by providing arts activities, education and training.
  2. The promotion of equality and diversity and racial and religious harmony for the public benefit by promoting activities in the fields of the arts and spirituality to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds and to promote good relations.
  3. The relief of sickness, in particular amongst those suffering mental illness, by encouraging involvement in arts activities.
  4. The promotion of social inclusion for the public benefit through arts activities intended to prevent people from becoming socially excluded, relieve the needs of those people who are socially excluded and assist them to integrate into society.