The Young Musicians Bursary Fund


Who We Are

The Young Musicians’ Bursary Fund (Y.M.B.F.) is a charitable fund established to provide educational and performance opportunities for young musicians. Those supported must live in Yorkshire and show exceptional artistic potential. Please note, applicants are means tested to ensure Y.M.B.F. resources are allocated to those most in need. The fund was set up in 2014 by Mr. Samuel Moore (Director of Music, Arts@Trinity and Course Leader for Flamenco Guitar Studies, Instituto Cervantes) and currently receives patronage from: Councillor Michael Gibbons the Lord Mayor of Bradford 2014-15, Arts@Trinity, Instituto Cervantes and many other generous individuals and organizations. Dr Anastasia Belina-Johnson, Assistant Head of Programmes at the Royal College of Music, is our advisory patron.

Our aims and ethos

Despite the abundant musical talent in Yorkshire, educational and performance opportunities for many young musicians is limited. As a result, many young people demonstrating a strong aptitude in music in their early teens are unable to gain the experience of study and performance that will help them progress to higher education. Over the next three years the Y.M.B.F., with the help of its many donors, will provide educational and performance opportunities for at least one deserving young musician per year.

What we provide

  • Educational Opportunities: The Y.M.B.F. facilitates a wide range of educational opportunities for its beneficiaries. These include music workshops, master classes and one-to-one lessons with world-renowned musicians.
  • Performance Opportunities: The Y.M.B.F. also provides its beneficiaries with public performance opportunities. These are specifically designed to acclimatize them to diverse concert situations, such as: recitals in cathedrals and auditoriums, festival performances, and function-based work in restaurants.
  • Career Advice: As the core focus of the Y.M.B.F. is to help young musicians progress to higher education, our advisory patron, Dr Anastasia Belina-Johnson, provides advice and support for our beneficiaries when preparing for their auditions at Universities and Music Colleges.

Our current beneficiaries

The Y.M.B.F. currently supports one beneficiary, Arthur Daniel Gonzalez-Jareno Wacey (Artie Gonzalez). Over the next year we intend to identify a second young person who requires support and so forth over subsequent years. In order to see the musical progress Artie has made since becoming a beneficiary of the Y.M.B.F., please follow the below link to his latest performance video.


How to support the Y.M.B.F.

To date, signs of good initial funding for the Y.M.B.F are promising and we have received interest from many Yorkshire based businesses, charities and benefactors of the arts. Over the next twelve months we intend to develop this support by creating a long-term donation base. This donation base will help to support our beneficiaries and give them the educational and performance opportunities their skill, hard work and musical maturity deserve.

One-off donations: Should you be interested in the Y.M.B.F. and wish to support our work with a one-off donation, this can be done as a bank transfer by clicking the donate button at the bottom of this page.

Long-term annual support: You may also become a Friend of The Young Musicians Bursary Fund by supporting us with an annual donation. This donation can be set up as a standing order with your bank and requires you contact us directly via email ( The different annual donation types are as follows:

  • Patron of the Y.M.B.F.: £100 annual donation
  • Premium Annual Donation: £50 annual donation
  • Deluxe Annual Donation: £30 annual donation
  • Standard Annual Donation: £15 annual donation

Our Team

The Core Team

  • Mr Samuel Moore: Founder & Project Coordinator
  • Dr Anastasia Belina-Johnson: Advisory Patron

The Independent Committee

  • Dr Carl Vincent: (PhD, MMus, FNCM, FVCM, LRAM, PGCE, FHEA, FRS): Principal Lecturer of Classical Music, Leeds College of Music
  • Mr John Dawson: Director of Arts@Trinity
  • Councillor Michael Gibbons: Lord Mayor of Bradford (2014-15)

How to contact us

Should you be interested in the Y.M.B.F. and wish to contact us, please do so by any of the below means.

Phone: 07768963147 (Samuel Moore, Founder and Coordinator of the Y.M.B.F.)
Post: Mr. Samuel A. Moore, Y.M.B.F., Arts@Trinity, Holy Trinity Church, Boar Ln, Leeds, LS1 6HW

Please note, the Y.M.B.F is an independent charitable fund with a small team of dedicated volunteers. For this reason, we do not operate fixed office hours every day. Samuel Moore (Founder and Coordinator of the Y.M.B.F.) is available for contact on Fridays from 10:00am–3:00pm and all emails will be replied to within one week.