"6 Over Seven" - Drama Workshops and Devised Production

"6 Over Seven" - Drama Workshops and Devised Production

From Monday 19th to Saturday 24th October I invite you to take part in workshops leading into rehearsals of a devised play we come up with together!


"6 Over Seven" will give people with all levels of theatrical experience (and none) a chance to work together in the vibrant city of Leeds to create an exciting and stimulating piece of theatre from scratch, as well as taking part in some drama workshops along the way . It gives established artists to opportunity to flex their creative muscles and beginners the chance to explore new horizons all across six days.You must dedicate yourself totally to the experience to get it to pay personal dividends.

Workshop leaders amongst others will be: Michael Birch, Helen Sutcliffe and Rosie Fox.



To take part please e-mail pauldavidratcliffe@yahoo.co.uk.

Participation is limited to 25 places and costs £25.