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Come and join us at Arts@Trinity for the premier of The Code by Kate Lloyd!

The Code is an immersive and interactive arts installation which attempts to uncover the hidden code that lies within the fabric of the universe, exploring the connection of sacred geometry and music as found within the Fibonacci number sequence and the Golden Ratio. 

Through audio-reactive projection mapping provided by HRMotion, the installation will feature an array of diverse and eclectic musical Leeds talent to explore the relationships between these profound ratios and how patterns grow organically and harmoniously through one another.

Members of the public are warmly welcomed to interact with the installation and watch The Code unveil through the use of speech and sound.

The Code is also raising awareness and funds for the Leeds-based charities, Music and Arts Production and Arts Trinity, who work incredibly hard in supporting the creative arts within the local Leeds communities. To help raise funds for the project and the charities, donations can be made here >

Every donation counts!

First showing: 2-5pm - FREE
Finale with a bar: 7-10pm - FREE

Performances - TBA


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Start Time: 14:00
End Time: 22:00



Phone number: 01134400573
Email address:
Address: Arts@Trinity Holy Trinity Church Boar Lane Leeds LS1 6HW